Hi, my name is Declan, I live in San Francisco via Ireland.  My life's loves are travel, soccer, fashion, food and last but by no means least Photography.  I love to learn new things about myself, about the world around me and about my passions. I am a creative soul with a desire to connect with people, to learn about them and connect to their inner spirit.

Photography to me is the Art of capturing a moment in time that has gone forever and is impossible to be reproduced. As far as I can remember I have always seen life through a lens; everywhere I look I see a picture, a moment, an emotion of life. My passion to capture life's moments coupled with a Wanderlust for the world has gifted me so many beautiful moments and emotions in life that I have been able to capture through my lens. I can look back at each picture and feel that emotion all over again, how I felt, where I was, who I was with.  Refreshes the soul and warms the heart. 

I am an entirely self taught photographer who first fell in love with old school film photography. The excitement of taking a picture and never knowing how it would turn out until it was developed had always intrigued me. There was never a shoot and review process, it was basically trust your instincts and your eye and the outcome would follow.  My constant desire to explore the world, capture it and live it means I am constantly learning new techniques.

My Goal is to help you capture your moments, moments you can look back upon and feel that emotion all over again. May it be your wedding day, a newborn, family Portraits, a birthday, whatever the occasion I would love to make your memories last forever.



Declan mckerr


425 Union St

San Francisco

CA 94133